Returns & Warranty Policy


In the event that you receive a product that is not in working order, please notify ITstation by telephone and/or email to obtain a Return Authority (RA) number and return the product within 7 days with the DOA number. Please ensure that the product/s you are returning have the  complete packaging and contents as originally supplied. Failure to report a DOA item within 7 days or return with incomplete packaging and contents as originally supplied will result in you not being able to claim the item as a DOA.
You must return the goods with your RA number and detailed fault description sheet. After testing, the returned product is found to be not faulty, you will be charged the processing costs, plus all courier costs associated (if delivered).


In the event that you receive a product that is either damaged or not the product you ordered, please notify ITstation by e-mail, telephone or fax, as soon as possible, within 7 days of receipt of the product. You must have your order number. Once verified we have verified that there is a problem, you can return the goods to us for exchange/warranty. Please be aware that replacement of products that have suffered physical damage is at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Warranty Returns

All products sold by ITstation come with a warranty and is covered by Australia Consumer Law (with the exception of consumble or software products) with the period stated in the website of The warranty warrants you that the product you receive is in good working condition to serve its purpose as specified by the manufactuers.

If an item sold by ITstation is confirmed to be defective, not working or not serving the purpose specified when it is received; it will be treated as DOA (Dead On Arrival). The warranty period for DOA is 7 days from the date of purchase.

Any products found to be defective within the warranty period specified by ITstation will be claimable and honoured by ITstation.

For all products sold by ITstation that stated ITstation as the warrantor, fulfilments for the warranty will be either of the following:

  1. Repair of the defective product to be in working order
  2. Replacement of the defective product with a new similar item if it is beyond repair or DOA
  3. Offer of a replacement product which is either a new model or higher value model to replace the defective product that is either EOL or does not have a definite ETA
  4. Providing a credit refund to the customer's ITstation account to be used for future transactions. The amount credited will be the amount you paid for the item including postage charges.
  5. Provide a full refund to the customer. This will only apply when the item is beyond repair, takes an unreasonable time to repair or has become EOL.

For all products sold by ITstation that stated Manufacturer Warranty, we strongly suggest that you contact the manufacturer first. Their support team is more knowledgeable in diagnosing and resolving the problem than us. Approaching the problem this way will minimise or avoid delay with us acting as a middleman. We are able to provide any contact details such as an email or telephone number for the manufacturer should you need it. If you require further assistance we are glad to assist.


Procedure to return authorised faulty product to us

You need to make sure the faulty item is securely packed so the returning courier can safely deliver it. It will be good if you still have the original packaging, but in cases where you do not, you need to look for packaging that can offer similar level of protection to pack the item.

You must include the following information and require out the outside of the packaging before you send the item:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Order Number
  • Your RMA number provided to you for this specific claim.
  • Return the faulty product within 10 days from the date of issue of your RMA number.

Customer need to pay for the faulty products to be returned or send back to us, be it DOA or after DOA period. If items returned to us are diagnosed No Fault Found (NFF)  then you will be charged the delivery fee for sending the item back to you.

Faulty item will not qualify for warranty claims even though they fall within the stated warranty period by distributor or manufacturer if they fall under below group of conditions:

  • Physical Damage on the product not caused in the event during transit (DOA) but caused during mishandling, incorrect use of product for its purposes, improper installation of product, by accident, insect or vermin infestation, improper method or failure to maintain service and handle the item with reasonable care.
  • The product has been modified using unauthorised methods. Any modifications on the product including physical and software modifications using 3rd party unauthorised software such as 3rd party firmware updates will void the warranty of products.
  • The warranty seal or serial number of the item has been tampered.
  • The item has been serviced by another party other than ITstation.
Changes to Warranty and Return Policy
We constantly review our warranty and return policy to keep our return policy up to date. Any changes to the policy will be updated in our website new page